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Soy Wax Melts

$ 4.00

*Through December buy and three wax melts and get a free winter wax warmer. While supplies last*

You know I love a candle, but I love wax melts even more. This year I’m debuting my melts for fall/holiday 2018. During the Black Friday sale buy three or more melts and get a free melter with your purchase. 


Gummy Bears on Parade- a blend of citrus and tropical fruits with a hint of vanilla

Butter Beer- a delicious blend of butterscotch, vanilla, caramel, and sea salt

Gingerbread House- is a warm blend of ginger, vanilla, cinnamon sticks, and toasted graham crackers

Mojito a Go Go- notes of freshly muddled mint with tropical undertones of pineapple, lime, and sugarcane

Cranberry Sauced- notes of peeled oranges and spiced berries blended into a bowl of cranberry sauce

Pistachio Dream Date- A combination of cinnamon, honey, and pistachio highlight this nutty, creamy, vanilla cake.

Pumpkin Chai Tea- A classic, warm chai tea fragrance with a sweet baked pumpkin accord. The fragrance is enhanced by cinnamon, ginger, clove and a nutmeg spice blend.

Chipotle Caramel Apples- a warm blend of caramel and spiced apples with just a hint of chipotle spice

The Purple Man- This one was our October IPU blend inspired by Kilgrave. It's warm and creamy blend of coriander and tonka

Brandied Pear- Just picked, juicy pear and leafy greens dusted with sugared cinnamon spices with a hint of brandy

If You Like PIna Coladas- a cool blend of pineapple, coconut, and a hint of rum.

Spiced Caramel Chestnuts- a sweet and spicy blend featuring caramel, sugar, butter, cinnamon, chestnuts, and finished with warm woods

Running of the Santa’s- day 13 of the 12 days box. The best caramel apple scent ever. It’s caramel, but more complex and spicy. It’s apple, but the juiciest apples on the planet.

These melts are fresh, please allow at least 48 hours for the wax to bond with the fragrance oil before melting. Each melt consists of soy wax blend and fragrance oil.

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