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I've had my new store for over a year, and had yet to write a single blog post. That needs to change.  Lets get started with a little get to know me.

My name is Jennalyn Miller and I own/run LynBDesigns. I like to call myself the creative genius, but at times that's too pretentious. (That's another thing you should know I enjoy using big words. If my polish of the month names have been any idea, here's looking at you Tempestuous.) I'm a Michigan girl who in my spare time loves to shop, play the Sims, watch all the YouTube, and hang out with my fur babies.

So what's new in the store? Throughout 2017 I've been releasing 2 polishes of the month. One is a throwback chosen by vote in our group, or by me based on what I have supplies for. The other is a color created by me based on the mood of the month in question. There are only two months left in the year and let me tell you these polishes will not disappoint. I'm looking forward to continuing the polishes of the month, but with a birthstone theme for 2018.

Coming up next month is the real start of the Holiday season, as per our usual schedule I'll be releasing a new trio for Black Friday. I'm also continuing the four gifts with purchase that I've done in years past. This year I'm also bringing back the Advent or 12 Days box. Last year was 12 days of holo, and this year is so much better than holo. Just like last year these will be in limited quantity and won't be sold individually in the store. 

Speaking of groups, did you know we have a Facebook group? It's LynBLoves, and it happens to be a pretty fun place. Post your hauls, manis, ask questions, take part in polls, and get exclusives looks at new collections. In the coming months and year I'm going to be focusing more on our group, and try to make it more fun for all. 

So that's what's been going on for the last little bit. check back frequently for new posts and new collection info.

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