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The Monthly Babble

I’ve been yearning to blog again and so I’ve decided that sometime around the first of each month I’ll make a post about my life. This could range from a behind the scenes office tour to a love letter to house hunting. It all depends on my mood, and what I’m into that month.

Since it’s not the first I’ll keep this one short.

Have you tried gratitude journaling? I started at the beginning of the month. I follow a little prompt I swiped from Pinterest and follow it up with three things I’m grateful for each day. What I’m learning is that I’ve missed writing. My penmanship is awful (if you have any super vintage LynB polishes you already know this), but it’s always been that way.

So, this is just a snippet of what you might get in my monthly blog post. They may even happen more than once a month.

Til next time, Jenna

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