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Seven Years, Huh

So, it's been seven years since I started LynBDesigns. On one hand I can believe it, but more often than not 7 years has flown by.

When I started in 2011 I honestly didn't know what to expect, I listed a few things on Etsy and got really into the perfume scene (is that a thing?). Fast forward to November of 2011 and I get hit with a massive cold, the kind of cold that makes you wish for summer days even when you hate hot weather. To appease myself I ruined my nail polish collection. How, you may ask? I Frankened until there were only a few shades left untouched (here's looking at you Sally Hansen Pacific Blue). After my cold had eased, and I regained my senses I took to Etsy. I wanted to see if nail polish was a thing I could do. Turns out it was. From the start I knew this was something I was meant to do. I had been collecting quotes and quips for years and had a list 5 pages long in Word. I finally had a place to develop my weirdness.

Fast forward to now and I've developed a brand and a business that I love. I wanted to start 2018 off on a positive note so I created the YOU are Awesome collection. It consists of nine gorgeous polishes named after and inspired by positive affirmations. I cannot tell you how much I loved making this collection.  I also tried something new with this collection and had a friend do live swatches. Check out this video. It's a long one, but totally worth it.I've already got some great things brewing for February and March including the return of a series of collections I've loved since early 2012 when there were only 6 episodes available. <== That last sentence was a massive clue, maybe even Scotland Yard could figure it out. Hint hint! (Yep, dork party of one)

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